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About Us

Innovators of the Leading Pension Administration Software for the African Market.

About Us

Innovators of the Leading Pension Administration Software for the African Market.

Customer Value Proposition

Our ONLY business is supporting pension and retirement benefits administration through responsive, innovative technology that is tailored to meet client’s specific needs. Our mission is to ensure that our client’s business is seamless, effective and accurate every day.

Our Vision

To be the leading innovative retirement benefits technology solutions provider in Africa.

Our Mission

Providing innovative, state of the art technology solutions to the retirement benefits industry ensuring industry best practices, compliance and learning, while maintaining motivated human resources.

Our Core Values

We are committed to ensuring we are the best in our business, and that excellence defines us.

We commit to investing in enhancing our solution at all times to ensure that it exceeds client expectations.

Our clients are our reason for being. We go out of our way to ensure they are wowed always.

We think on our feet, and are always thinking solutions for every challenge we encounter while working.

We believe in continuous improvement – for our operational systems and our solutions.

Our Footprint

We are Systech, a Kenyan company incorporated in 1998. We set out to serve the African market by providing innovative and unique ICT solutions and services. We have evolved, over the course of over 20 years, into a software development company, routing for pension administration throughout Africa. Our footprint in Africa continues to grow.

Innovating for Our Customers

We are championing for our consumers by enabling them to deliver effective and efficient pension administration to their customers without relying on generic software applications. Through innovative customized tools and technology, our consumers can coordinate and manage their strategic initiatives to the next level. And not just that, by providing them with the best-of-breed reporting and analytics tools, we are equipping them with the right information to empower them make strategic decisions that will keep them ahead of the curve.

The Technology

Systech brings together the world’s best technologies and skills, to offer flexibility and scalability to administrators of pension and retirement benefits. We seek out such data-driven organizations, build synergies, and help them to become first-class business operations. With our footprint stretching to different regions in the region including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, and Malawi, we believe that our flagship product, FundMaster, is transforming pension administration in Africa.

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