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About Us

We are Systech, the brains behind FundMaster, a powerful and transformative pension administration and investments management system built with the African pension market in mind. FundMaster caters for the core functions of retirement benefits and pension scheme administration for both the private and public sector. That’s right, we are transforming pension and retirement benefits administration in Africa.

A world class solution with LOCAL INSIGHTS. Everything you need to administer your pension fund.

8 Integrated Modules

FundMaster is a modular, cross platform, fault tolerant, scalable, distributed and multi-tier application based on Java EE. Built on the Java 11 JDK and Extjs 7 framework, FundMaster is a modern system that is fully suited for current and future needs of any pension scheme administrator. The technology ensures that the system can scale from a single scheme with a few hundred members to multiple schemes with millions of members. This makes FundMaster the last pension administration software system you will ever need.

Self Service Portal

Engage with your members wherever, whenever. FundMaster provides the administrator with a forum to engage all the pension stakeholders be they members, pensioners, sponsors, service providers, agents and the general public online. The portal is fast, secure, universal, multilingual and scalable and can be accessed via any smart device via the internet. Get your services closer to your customers in the most efficient and effective manner.

Built for the Customer Experience

Engage your members and pensioners where they are at! FundMaster is a modern pension administration system fully suited for current and future needs of pension and retirement benefits administration. Thanks to its embedded peripheral customer facing services, we provide our customers a platform for them to be at the heartbeat of all their members and pensioners. The end user facing peripheral services is our endeavor to connect directly to the consumers of the pension process.

pension administration

What Our Clients are Saying

Pension Administration

“Our clients enjoy FundMaster for its great user experience. We can easily upload and balance receipts accurately. It is also robust with multiple features and error-free.”

Pension Administration

404 or 503 errors are now a thing of the past for us! Thanks to Systech, Nico’s business improved greatly, opening new doors for pension management in Malawi. FundMaster’s USSD platform, customer portal and mobile app features are a great plus to our clients. Not only is FundMaster resourceful, but it is also simple to configure and integrates easily with other systems. 

Ernest Mvutho, NICO Technologies Limited

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