At the core of FundMaster is the financial accounting sub-module.
The accounting module features a fully-fledged accounting package that has functionalities to handle benefits and claims processing with functions including:

  1. Accounts Receivables
  2. Accounts Payables
  3. Cash Management
  4. Asset Management
  5. General Ledger
  6. Budget
  1. Chart of Accounts: Listing of General Ledger accounts used by the company.
  2. Cash Management: The recording of financial transactions.
  3. GL Transaction Mapping: Mapping of fund processes to their specific General Ledger Accounts.
  4. Accounts Payable: Record the amount that the company owes.
  5. Accounts Receivable: Record the amount owed by entities to the company.
  6. Fixed Assets: Company Assets that cannot be easily liquefied
  7. Accounting periods: Financial periods.
  8. Budget: Listing of the company’s planned expenses and revenues.
  9. Statutory: Payments made to Authorities.
  10. Journals: Financial journals.
  11. Exchange Rates: Exchange rates.
  12. Inter-Company Transaction Register: Intercompany transaction register.