FundMaster Workflow management system aims at distributing work by automating core processes e.g. movement, payroll processing etc. This is achieved by routing tasks and documents to the users responsible for working on them, through sequential progression of work activities. The workflow system has been designed based on the decision-chain process model that uses the milestones and decision points to map out the processes.

  1. Personal Tasks: View and execute personal tasks.
  2. Complete Tasks: View completed tasks.
  3. Overdue Tasks: View the overdue tasks.
  4. Process register: View workflow process and assign to profiles.
  5. Task instances: View task instances and assign to individuals.
  6. Other Parameters: Configure other workflow parameters.
  7. Pending Tasks: All pending tasks in workflow.
  8. Process Performance Summary: Process performance based on backlog.
  9. Individual Analysis: Individual performance based on backlog.