Systech provides a package that we refer to as ‘HIGH AVAILABILITY PENSION’. High availability pension administration is our vision of pension administration from an all stakeholders’ perspective. In our model of pension administration, the perspectives of all the stakeholders have been addressed:

  1. Pension Administration User Perspective

    This is addressed by FundMaster Xi core functions, workflow, reporting and business intelligence functionality

  2. IT Department Perspective

    SOA implementation in FundMaster Xi provides numerous advantages to the IT department. System availability, security and management are addressed through tight integration with other third party products like Oracle Database and Database Options

  3. Customer Perspective

    This includes both external and internal customers. External customers are served by a customer facing portal integrated with FundMaster Xi and Oracle DB. FundMaster also provides a customer service front office for easy querying of the system in response to customer service. Further, a portal exists for sponsor/employer self-service.

    Integrated into FundMaster is a reporting and business intelligence system that allows users to build their own reports without resorting to the vendor or IT.

    Our solution involves deployment of FundMaster Xi, our pension and benefits administration system on Oracle. The two are tightly integrated with FundMaster Xi providing the benefits administration function and Oracle providing the database, high availability and security functions.