The Kenya Power Pension Fund (KPPF) provides retirement benefits and pension for all permanent and pensionable employees of Kenya Power.
FundMaster Xi provides the Fund with the requisite platform and technology to manage an integrated operation the has the following advantages;

  1. Integration between benefits administration, accounting and investments allowing for seamless flow of information between these functions
  2. Robust and highly parameterized system easily adopts to the unique pension rules of the fund
  3. Member self-service portal allows for members to access most of the information they need about their pension through their mobile devices. This means better service delivery to the members and saving time for the office, time that is better utilized on value enhancement.

With over 10,000 members in both defined Benefits (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) Funds and over Kenya Shillings 10 billion in assets, KPPF is undoubtedly one of the largest pension funds in Kenya.
The scheme provides various benefits to its members including retirement on medical grounds, death in service, early retirement, normal retirement, withdrawals and resignations.
Further, the Fund administers many types of investments like commercial and rental properties, bonds, equities, government paper, all managed using the system.