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Innovators of the Leading Pension Administration Software for the African Market.

To be the leading innovative retirement benefits technology solutions provider in Africa.

Providing innovative, state of the art technology solutions to the retirement benefits industry ensuring industry best practices, compliance, and learning, while maintaining motivated human resources.

Owned by locally born and bred entrepreneurs.

The FundMaster is a product that integrates these modules systems that can be purchased separately:

  1. The administrative panel: This module aids in the management of rights and permissions access through the creation of profiles and user accounts.
  2. Scheme setup module: this module aids in the implementation or setting up of the Trust Deed and Rules of a pension scheme. 
  3. Member Register: The member register is a container that holds pension scheme active and inactive (deferred) members. 
  4. Pensioner Register: The pensioners’ register is a container that holds pension scheme pensioners and their related beneficiaries. 
  5. Accounting Module: The Accounting module manages the financial records and their related reports of a pension scheme. 
  6. Investments module: The investments module manages the various investment asset classes or categories of a pension scheme. 
  7. Fees and commissions: This module help in the management of administrative services fees and agency services commissions. 
  8. Workflow management module: This module aids in the distribution of the systems core processes by routing tasks to the responsible users through a sequential progression of work activities.

FundMaster is the most advanced Pension Administration and Investments Management System designed for the African pension industry.

The system core functionalities include:

  • Benefits Administration
  • Financial Accounting
  • Investments and Assets Management
  • Member Self Service
  • Workflow Management
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence

It is used by diverse entities such as government institutions, insurance companies, banks among others in the pension industry across the continent of Africa.

It is a world class solution with local insights – Built in Africa for Africa (because great things can come from Africa too).

It is a software designed for use in the administration of pension funds.

  • Retirements Benefits Authority (RBA)
  • Financial institutions
  • Fund Managers
  • Insurance companies
  • Governments & Parastatals
  • Employs state of the art technology
  • Robust customer support
  • Customizable system
  • Built on the principles of Software Ecosystem (SECO)

Systech offers 2 internship programs to computer science university graduates from which the best performers are selected for job offers.

Yes. It can link with banking systems, customer relationship management systems among others.

Oracle, Postgres, MySQL

No, but plans are underway to do so soon.

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