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pension plan management software

Does my Organization Need a Pension Plan Management Software?

pension plan management software

Does my Organization Need a Pension Plan Management Software?

Risk is an inherent part of any investment activity and investing your pension fund’s contributions is not exempt from this. There is increasing pressure to control or mitigate risks associated with pension arrangements as the livelihood of retired employees depends on this. Fortunately, advancement in technology has led to the design of the pension plan management software which is used to aid in financial planning and better management of your organization’s pension fund. 

What is a Pension Plan Management Software?

Pension management software is a web-based solution that offers third-party administrators, employers, system integrators, and service providers, an easy and convenient way to administer pension benefits to their clients or employees. It is useful in the administration of pension, capital accumulation, and benefits providing an effective financial and retirement planning process.

The software is designed using sophisticated technology which provides a portal through which the end-users can access several tools and resources that will help them plan better for their retirement. The main idea behind this is to provide a holistic view of each member’s records that creates a seamless user experience.

Some key features of pension software include: 

  • A centralized area where pensioners, employers, employees, and participants of trustees can access their dashboards for documents and reports using the internet.
  • Sophisticated resources such as payroll functions, double-entry cash book accounting, and enhanced capabilities, providing flexibility and scalability for the pension fund.
  • Data encryption and security measures ensure that your sensitive and personal information remains safe.

There is a variety of pension management software available at a wide range of prices depending on several factors. Systech Africa is one such example whose features have been tailored to suit the needs of organizational pension schemes within the African market.

What are the Benefits of Pension Software?

Pension management software has numerous benefits and this article explores 5 major ones.


It provides quality and consistency by automating many of the manual processes such as paperwork and auditing. The less the reworks and queries, the lower the cost to your organization.

Increases Transparency and Access to Information

The use of a centralized online portal allows members to update their information when needed, track their benefits, enroll in the scheme, and understand the retirement scenarios available to them.

Flexibility and Adaptability

As your organization grows over time, the right software should allow you to adjust its systems to suit your needs.

Adapts to Legislation Changes 

The pension industry changes often i.e. through the introduction of new regulations. Pension management software should adapt to the changes and allow your pension scheme to continue to run smoothly with no to minimum interruptions.


Informed decisions on life after retirement are best made using trends and insights collected from data. The use of software helps eliminate this time-consuming task through an efficient process that keeps financial records.


Pension Management Software is designed to improve the efficiency of your organization’s financial planning and pension fund. FundMaster is one such software, designed to improve the efficiency of your organization’s pension fund.

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