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pension software for africa

Pension Software For Africa By Africans

pension software for africa

Pension Software For Africa By Africans

In today’s world of mass production, cost-cutting is the game. Businesses across the world seek to make a profit by creating one single product and sending it out across the different markets. Although it may be profitable for businesses, consumers across the world are suffering as they are spending money on products that do not fully satisfy their needs.

Africa as a continent suffers the most. Though the majority of resources used in manufacturing originate from this land, she appears to get the raw end of the deal. The good news is that the increasing number of educated people is resulting in change throughout. Industries are being disrupted and multinational competitors are challenged by local producers who are tailoring their products to meet the needs and demands of the consumers within Africa.

Systech Africa is one company that has set itself out to serve the unique needs of the African market. Cutting across the finance and technology sectors, they provide a pension software for Africa that is 100% designed by Africans. 

All across Africa, the saving rate is quite low, an issue that results in old-age poverty. FundMaster, a product by Systech Africa, was designed to transform pension and retirements administration in Africa. The easier it is to save money for retirement, the more likely people will make the effort.

About FundMaster by Systech

FundMaster is a pension administration software for Africa. It is skillfully put together to transform how the pension is administered across Africa, making it easier to save up for retirement. 

8 Integrated Modules

FundMaster is modern which makes it suitable for the current and future needs of pension and retirement benefits administration. The technology used to design it ensures that the system can accommodate a single scheme with a few members to multiple schemes with millions of members.

The modules include:

  • Scheme Set-up
  • Investment
  • Fees and Commission
  • Workflow
  • Member Register
  • Pensioner’s register
  • Administrative panel
  • Accounts

Built for the customer experience

The system is transparent and both customers and pensioners cannot only access their pension but be connected to the entire pension process.

Self-Service Portal 

As an administrator, you are provided with a forum to engage all pension stakeholders with ease. The portal is fast, secure, multilingual, and scalable. Additionally, it is easy to access, the end-user only needs a smart device and an internet connection. 

Some of the activities members can do include:

  • Manage personal information
  • Initiate withdrawals
  • Make contributions
  • View balances 
  • Print statements
  • Initiate and follow up on claims

With this pension software for Africa, pensioners no longer have to come to meet you in person which saves up a lot of time. If you are one of the service providers tasked with running an occupational pension scheme, you need a pension administration system that is transparent and eases your workload. Systech designed a pension software for Africa and suited to meet your needs.

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